SUGAR-FREE CHeWing Gum manufactured in germany

The Company

The asCom Confection GmbH develops and produces traditional and innovative sugar-free chewing gum. The company was founded in 1969 as Fleer GmbH. With the acquisition by the new owner in 2008, substantial investment was made into the modernization of the production facilities and

automation, which continues to be developed to this day.

asCom´s core business focus lies on private label chewing gum. Due to PL brands increasingly gaining in popularity, we closely work together with a variety of German retail chains and international customers, optimizing gum recipes according to the market demands.


Due to a thorough exchange with our customers, we constantly develop chewing gum that reflect the latest trends. Our broad portfolio not only includes the more traditional flavours - different variations of mints and fruits - but in addition modern variation including cola and exotic mixes.

The choice is endless.

We use natural flavours if desired by the customer. Moreover, we produce chewing gum in various shapes including different fillings and coatings.

Depending on your packaging needs, we either pack the chewing gum at asCom or together with our trusted co-packers. We can also pack the gum in bulk either in 10kg cartons or in big bags.

Chewing gum pillow shape

Pillow Shape Dragees

Can be filled with liquid and powder

Chewing gum in cubes


Can be filled with liquid and powder

chewing gums round

Round Gum

Can be filled with liquid and powder

chewing gum sticks


Chewing gum mini sticks

Mini Sticks

Chewing gums in dragees



We are an international, dynamic and young team with a great passion for chewing gum.

Currently, we occupy around 60 dedicated employees. These include highly qualified

specialized personnel in Product Development, Quality Control and Engineering.

The team of Ascomgum


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Our chewing gum complies with the German and international food standards. During the

production and packaging process we follow the highest standards in regard to quality,

sustainability and environmental protection.

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